so what's cool?

    now this question is kinda awkward right, but yeah that's something we teenagers go through everyday. now im not giving a lecture here, its just we need to talk about this word which has become a part of  
all our activities.
    so whatever we do today , somewhere inside we hope it looks or sounds cool. but what also matters is the perception that different people possess about this word . stuffs you find cool might be weird to someone else, or dumb to some other.
       but that doesn't stop us we keep changing our personalities and the way we do things to fit in those perceptions.
       so this was one incident , my sister has a friend who is always nagging about picking up everything cool(or what she finds so) and one of them includes her vocabulary . as  you might know there are various shortforms we use while chatting . so she insists her friends on doing the same in person while talking , as I meant it is her perception and does not fit into others. so she is taken to be some kind of jerk by her friends.
      what I mean here is that it is not necessary for you to fit into someone else's idea of being "cool" . which means "cool' is some sort of abstract ideology that is unique to every individual and must not affect ones own. 
     so friends let me know what being "cool"  means to you by commenting below....
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  1. For me, being cool is just being yourself.

  2. Omg this helps me out so much thank you

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