Wanderlust confessions

Hey friends,
Have you ever wished so bad that flight tickets were free?  If they were I myself would not know where I would be in the next minute.I guess many of you feel this way,  well let's admit all of us dream of visiting a certain place or places once in our lifetime.

So, you should know that I am crazy about magazines and particularly travel magazines. Earlier I would pretty much read anything but from the past few years, I've developed some kind of fetish for travel, thanks to travelogues. 

They can actually make your trip a lot cooler than you expect. Earlier I wanted to visit a few places, but now the list keeps getting longer. I never   knew there was this island called Koh samui   in Thailand  which boasts of pristine beaches, luxurious resorts, best spas and so much more.

Also there is a place called shikoko in Japan which has a unique to  ( they are so cute! ).

Yeah and maybe you know the gardens by the bay in Singapore, famous for the magnificent lit up trees.

And if you ever  come to rajasthan  (India ) please book a day at the traditional boat spas in Udaipur run by various hotels and resorts.

the serene yosemite valley  in USA has always been on my list . Not to forget , i would go anywhere in the world just to witness the dancing northern lights  !!. and who can ignore  boating in the sublime lakes of Venice. These are ,in addition to the regular hotspots like Paris, London, miami, Nyc ,LA ,Switzerland etc..

And ultimately I long to ring in at least one of my new year partying at the times square ball in New York. so friends  letme know at least one place u long to visit...


  1. I have a similar fetish for travel. I have always wanted to visit Ireland and Disneyland.

  2. This is a great post! I love travelling, I had the best time living abroad for a year and I have just caught the bug! It has really inspired me to share my experiences in a blog! Check it out if you like!


  3. I can relate a lot! I actually just published a blogpost about my travelling to usa if you want to check it out xx Great blog btw!

    Stella xx

  4. I would absolutely love to visit anywhere in England, anywhere outside of America !! I absolutely love your blog as well, would you mind checking out mine? :)