when life lets you down...

hello friends, I am glad I gathered myself enough to write again . the last week has been pretty hard, and I find it harder to recall the event and put it into words.

yeah so from the past two years, I have been trying to qualify this exam, for pursuing medicine as my higher study. and I had tried everything I could to succeed:planning, working, practicing, revising etc. I somehow felt I could do it. but then it didn't take long for all my dreams to get shattered into pieces.

I don't wanna recall how much I weeped and regretted my fate. for a moment I felt everything had slipped out of my hand. more than my efforts , I felt bad for my parents , I let them down. they had put in so much money and efforts for me.

its not the first time I have failed in something , but this was a dream I had since my childhood , to become a doctor! how can I give it up so easily , so I am giving it" another shot."i don't know if it'll work but I guess I should try.

the thing is every fall is a lesson , and yes I did learn a lot of things from this one(a lot about me I need to change). my parents have been so supportive throughout that I cant be greatful enough . its partly for them too, that I wanna do it again.

so friends have you been through something that has broke you down so much , if yes spill some beans to make me feel better. 


  1. I haven't gone through something as serious as this, but I know that it always gets better. :)

  2. I know how you feel, but when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade.
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    Love and kindness,