Hey friends,
Now with the summer in,many of you might have already packed up your bags for the vacations ,even if you have no plans I hope this blog helps you out in the future.So lets get into the point , smart travelling is all about being prepped up and mindful about what you are expecting from your trip.
The stuffs , I've mentioned below are handy enough to fit in your purse or tote bag. so lets get started...


so you never know when the butterflies might start fluttering in your tummy and sometimes it may happen in not so equipped places. to avoid that,make sure you always have some goodies to munch on. nutribars , nuts,cookies,chips,energy drinks,choices are many,...

2.Travel playlist

so some years back, I was on this journey which was quite long. As usual I took out my headphones and started listening to the songs on my phone. But then I figured out that some of them sounded like crap on my situation, I mean they just didn't go well with anything right then. from then on, I always create a playlist beforehand and try to include new songs because if it is a long trip u don't wanna listen to the same old tracks on repeat.

3.Sanitary basics

Includes tissues,sanitisers,sanitary pads or tampons etc.its always wise to keep yourself generous with these, because you never know what you'll need and at times you might be of help to someone else too! Also there are times when washing your hands make them dirtier ( u know what I am talking about) so a sanitizer comes in handy.

4.Shades and more

No matter where you go , these are must haves , your favourite shades, scarves or stoles must have a permanent place in your bag. depending upon how long your trip is , decide how many of these you wanna take.

5.For your skin

A good sunscreen, moisturizer and a chapstick are the best friends that you need in every outing. A sunscreen with good spf can double up as a moisturizer as well . so before you pack up don't forget to buy these . also not to forget, I feel a deodorant is much convenient on a trip, because you don't wanna risk taking your fav expensive perfume along sometimes....

6.Beforehand research

now that's the smartest thing u can do .when u return after a week long boring trip u don't wanna know that the place boasted the country's coolest water park, right? and u don't wanna get out of the airport and be like what's the best hotel in here? and get loaded with a bevy of confusing options . and when you come back from a trip, your friend be like"dont tell me u didn't taste the most delicious doughnuts found in the country". to avoid that make sure you do some brief research on the place ur gonna visit, I the age of internet and cool apps it has become a lot easier and a lot more interesting to plan your trip beforehand.

7.Something to read

so u might have already been doing this, but at times u end up taking some crap along that's too boring. because the bookshops in stations or airports might end up offering limited choices and if your particular about what you read like me it might piss u off. so why not decide upon a great book beforehand or pick up your fav magazine a day before....

8.Personalised health kit

something like a custom first aid box where u can take along some antiseptics,bandages,antacids (if u are a foodie like me) or any other medicines u might need.like my mom experiences this vomiting sensation on long trips so we hardly forget to take her meds. you might also make sure of the nearest medical help u can get in case, u know...

Its rightly said ,"ITS THE JOURNEY NOT THE DESTINATION". So friends, I hope this helps u out in your next trip , till then,

Hey friends,
Have you ever wished so bad that flight tickets were free?  If they were I myself would not know where I would be in the next minute.I guess many of you feel this way,  well let's admit all of us dream of visiting a certain place or places once in our lifetime.

So, you should know that I am crazy about magazines and particularly travel magazines. Earlier I would pretty much read anything but from the past few years, I've developed some kind of fetish for travel, thanks to travelogues. 

They can actually make your trip a lot cooler than you expect. Earlier I wanted to visit a few places, but now the list keeps getting longer. I never   knew there was this island called Koh samui   in Thailand  which boasts of pristine beaches, luxurious resorts, best spas and so much more.

Also there is a place called shikoko in Japan which has a unique to  ( they are so cute! ).

Yeah and maybe you know the gardens by the bay in Singapore, famous for the magnificent lit up trees.

And if you ever  come to rajasthan  (India ) please book a day at the traditional boat spas in Udaipur run by various hotels and resorts.

the serene yosemite valley  in USA has always been on my list . Not to forget , i would go anywhere in the world just to witness the dancing northern lights  !!. and who can ignore  boating in the sublime lakes of Venice. These are ,in addition to the regular hotspots like Paris, London, miami, Nyc ,LA ,Switzerland etc..

And ultimately I long to ring in at least one of my new year partying at the times square ball in New York. so friends  letme know at least one place u long to visit...

Hey friends,
James corden said  " this evening we hold our kids tighter". And i believe all the parents in the world relate to this. I live so far away from Manchester, but right now it doesn't feel so, the distance hardly seems to matter. I mean when I came to know about this tragic incident, it seemed like I was right there when my fellow sisters beared the brunt  of the evil.
Girls as young as 8 years, and we still don't know what more could be there. I can feel the excitement, the joys, the happiness, they might have felt after the end of the show. You know the feeling of seeing your idol performing live. who would have thought that it would turn out to be the one of the most ruthless events in the world. I am right here, and my heart cries for them and their families. I can't explain how helpless I feel right now, I mean when can we be actually carefree and safe  again?
It's as if behind every good thing, there is this dark side that haunts  us every now and then. Speaking of ariana  ,I really like her and her music. I am pretty sure it's going to be pretty hard for her even though it's not her fault. I can understand how she must be feeling , like "why me".All I know is she loves her fans a lot and there are a lot of loyal fans out there. I hope she picks up her courage and addresses this issue . I would really appreciate if she speaks out her heart because that would make a lot of people relate to the situation . She is so sweet and was spreading love and happiness she didn't deserve all this.
Even though our political leaders are trying to do a lot about terrorism. It keeps getting bigger, I mean you never know what's gonna happen the next moment. It freaks me out, I don't know , will it ever end? But I believe in God and someday he will do away with the evil and only good will prevail. I hope in the future, our leaders succeed in attaining a permanent solution to this  problem.
But there is one thing to be notified, even though there are evildoers , there are a lot of goodoers too.The way the world has responded to this situation is remarkable. from politicians, to celebs, to players and people from all over the world have taken to support, stand for and speak up about this issue. Things like these make us realise that the world after all is not that big and we all belong to this one family crying and supporting each other.  Times have made us stronger, highlighting the fact that we may be different in a lot of superficial ways but when it comes to the core we are exactly same.
All I can do is pray for all who are going through this act of cruelty and hope that such a thing never happens again. I  hope that the day in which the light of peace prevails in this dark world comes rather soon. All my love and prayers for the families of victims and hopes for recovery of the injured. may God bless us all.❤

hey friends,
so if you have read my last blog than u know that I was kinda going through a rough phase. But I cant afford to waste any of my time regretting anything.so I've come up with a couple of stuffs that have helped me get through it.and I cant help but share all these blessings with you.


Most of you might have already had them, but I think its worth mentioning. Just the way they light up by the push of a switch , they turn up your mood too. To me they are the prettiest things in the world. Pink, gold or silver they also beautify your room.

2.New music

Now this too is well known, but while ur low you should listen to something you've never heard before. Because in search for finding the right song u come across a lot of music that keeps your gloomy thoughts away. I personally recommend peppy, upbeat, and pop music.


A chic and sassy romance, or a nerving thriller are the best fictions that instantly transform your thoughts into something interesting.

4.Revamp your space

You can start with sticking motivational printouts on your wall, lighting scented candles, placing fresh flowers or the cute little succulents or just reorganizing ur stuff. Awesome DIYs do not just make ur space lively but ur mood too.

5.Do what you love.

It may be painting, singing, cooking, or anything. Since your low u should do something that keeps you absorbed. And if you're no better than watching Netflix then grab that popcorn bucket and get going.

6.Get inspired.

Yes the most interesting part. So it maybe a chic magazine or lifestyle bloggers or youtube vloggers. Just decide what you like, because there are so many inspirations out there like fasfion, beauty, fitness, science, technology, food etc. and work on it.

7.Social media-a yes!

So you'll obviously follow people and pages related to the things you love, that helps you to stay motivated and reminds u of ur dreams . Because at times you feel its all over. I recommend pinterest, instagram or tumblr for this purpose.

8.Take a solo walk.

I know things get difficult at times and u just wanna sit on ur bed but u wont forget it until you come out. Just take a stroll whenever you feel like and see how it erases your pain.Believe me, it feels so fresh!

9.Pamper yourself.

Okay so this works for me, pampering can get as simple as colouring ur nails , or as extreme as colouring your hair! basically anything that makes you look good. creating a simple hairdo or tryuing out light make up also works(its weird but do try it)

10.Something tasty.

yeah so you don't need reasons to get your favourite burger and fries or the delicious cupcakes and pastries when you are sad. Because nothing turns u on as quick as food does.So grab ur phone and order that pizza and don't forget the extra cheese.

So friends, if u know of any other moodlifters then please share.....


hello friends, I am glad I gathered myself enough to write again . the last week has been pretty hard, and I find it harder to recall the event and put it into words.

yeah so from the past two years, I have been trying to qualify this exam, for pursuing medicine as my higher study. and I had tried everything I could to succeed:planning, working, practicing, revising etc. I somehow felt I could do it. but then it didn't take long for all my dreams to get shattered into pieces.

I don't wanna recall how much I weeped and regretted my fate. for a moment I felt everything had slipped out of my hand. more than my efforts , I felt bad for my parents , I let them down. they had put in so much money and efforts for me.

its not the first time I have failed in something , but this was a dream I had since my childhood , to become a doctor! how can I give it up so easily , so I am giving it" another shot."i don't know if it'll work but I guess I should try.

the thing is every fall is a lesson , and yes I did learn a lot of things from this one(a lot about me I need to change). my parents have been so supportive throughout that I cant be greatful enough . its partly for them too, that I wanna do it again.

so friends have you been through something that has broke you down so much , if yes spill some beans to make me feel better. 

hey friends,
so you should know that more than anything I am a dreamer. yeah but who isn't? we all have our own dreams and fantasies, some beautiful, some silly, some wild etc.

basically I am writing this because there are so many people, events, things that piss you off or let you down. and sometimes we are so broken that we can hardly gather ourselves. speaking of me, I try and work hardfor a lot of things but at times it doesn't turn up well or I don't end up succeeding in the end. that happens so many times and I cant explain how much it hurts me.

there were times when I studied so much for my exams and ended up getting pretty average marks, and those who played around the whole time aced it. but I try getting over it by explaining myself that I have much better things in store for me.

and I do this by dreaming, like one day when one of my distant relative made a racist comment on me, I dreamt of forming a social activists group fighting up racists like him(he got his dose right after though.) some of them seem so impossible, awesome yet lame that I start smiling.

but dreams don't just cost you anything, instead they fuel you with motivation and confidence. honestly I forget all my grieves and even when I achieve or fail to achieve, I don't give up. I dream about something else.

yes I was talking about what you call daydreaming. and I think its important especially when you are low . it actually works!!

so friends are you serial daydreamer like me? if yes comment down what you last daydreamed of. don't worry if its too lame or anything. I am used to it.


    now this question is kinda awkward right, but yeah that's something we teenagers go through everyday. now im not giving a lecture here, its just we need to talk about this word which has become a part of  
all our activities.
    so whatever we do today , somewhere inside we hope it looks or sounds cool. but what also matters is the perception that different people possess about this word . stuffs you find cool might be weird to someone else, or dumb to some other.
       but that doesn't stop us we keep changing our personalities and the way we do things to fit in those perceptions.
       so this was one incident , my sister has a friend who is always nagging about picking up everything cool(or what she finds so) and one of them includes her vocabulary . as  you might know there are various shortforms we use while chatting . so she insists her friends on doing the same in person while talking , as I meant it is her perception and does not fit into others. so she is taken to be some kind of jerk by her friends.
      what I mean here is that it is not necessary for you to fit into someone else's idea of being "cool" . which means "cool' is some sort of abstract ideology that is unique to every individual and must not affect ones own. 
     so friends let me know what being "cool"  means to you by commenting below....
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