8 things that make you a smart traveller

Hey friends,
Now with the summer in,many of you might have already packed up your bags for the vacations ,even if you have no plans I hope this blog helps you out in the future.So lets get into the point , smart travelling is all about being prepped up and mindful about what you are expecting from your trip.
The stuffs , I've mentioned below are handy enough to fit in your purse or tote bag. so lets get started...


so you never know when the butterflies might start fluttering in your tummy and sometimes it may happen in not so equipped places. to avoid that,make sure you always have some goodies to munch on. nutribars , nuts,cookies,chips,energy drinks,choices are many,...

2.Travel playlist

so some years back, I was on this journey which was quite long. As usual I took out my headphones and started listening to the songs on my phone. But then I figured out that some of them sounded like crap on my situation, I mean they just didn't go well with anything right then. from then on, I always create a playlist beforehand and try to include new songs because if it is a long trip u don't wanna listen to the same old tracks on repeat.

3.Sanitary basics

Includes tissues,sanitisers,sanitary pads or tampons etc.its always wise to keep yourself generous with these, because you never know what you'll need and at times you might be of help to someone else too! Also there are times when washing your hands make them dirtier ( u know what I am talking about) so a sanitizer comes in handy.

4.Shades and more

No matter where you go , these are must haves , your favourite shades, scarves or stoles must have a permanent place in your bag. depending upon how long your trip is , decide how many of these you wanna take.

5.For your skin

A good sunscreen, moisturizer and a chapstick are the best friends that you need in every outing. A sunscreen with good spf can double up as a moisturizer as well . so before you pack up don't forget to buy these . also not to forget, I feel a deodorant is much convenient on a trip, because you don't wanna risk taking your fav expensive perfume along sometimes....

6.Beforehand research

now that's the smartest thing u can do .when u return after a week long boring trip u don't wanna know that the place boasted the country's coolest water park, right? and u don't wanna get out of the airport and be like what's the best hotel in here? and get loaded with a bevy of confusing options . and when you come back from a trip, your friend be like"dont tell me u didn't taste the most delicious doughnuts found in the country". to avoid that make sure you do some brief research on the place ur gonna visit, I the age of internet and cool apps it has become a lot easier and a lot more interesting to plan your trip beforehand.

7.Something to read

so u might have already been doing this, but at times u end up taking some crap along that's too boring. because the bookshops in stations or airports might end up offering limited choices and if your particular about what you read like me it might piss u off. so why not decide upon a great book beforehand or pick up your fav magazine a day before....

8.Personalised health kit

something like a custom first aid box where u can take along some antiseptics,bandages,antacids (if u are a foodie like me) or any other medicines u might need.like my mom experiences this vomiting sensation on long trips so we hardly forget to take her meds. you might also make sure of the nearest medical help u can get in case, u know...

Its rightly said ,"ITS THE JOURNEY NOT THE DESTINATION". So friends, I hope this helps u out in your next trip , till then,


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    1. Where do you like to go? I haven't been to that many countries, but out of the ones I have been to, I really liked Italy!

  3. Great list and tips! I definitely need to follow this as I often forget to bring things r do my research!


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