why daydreaming is actually good...

hey friends,
so you should know that more than anything I am a dreamer. yeah but who isn't? we all have our own dreams and fantasies, some beautiful, some silly, some wild etc.

basically I am writing this because there are so many people, events, things that piss you off or let you down. and sometimes we are so broken that we can hardly gather ourselves. speaking of me, I try and work hardfor a lot of things but at times it doesn't turn up well or I don't end up succeeding in the end. that happens so many times and I cant explain how much it hurts me.

there were times when I studied so much for my exams and ended up getting pretty average marks, and those who played around the whole time aced it. but I try getting over it by explaining myself that I have much better things in store for me.

and I do this by dreaming, like one day when one of my distant relative made a racist comment on me, I dreamt of forming a social activists group fighting up racists like him(he got his dose right after though.) some of them seem so impossible, awesome yet lame that I start smiling.

but dreams don't just cost you anything, instead they fuel you with motivation and confidence. honestly I forget all my grieves and even when I achieve or fail to achieve, I don't give up. I dream about something else.

yes I was talking about what you call daydreaming. and I think its important especially when you are low . it actually works!!

so friends are you serial daydreamer like me? if yes comment down what you last daydreamed of. don't worry if its too lame or anything. I am used to it.



  1. Imagining myself as Penny in Girl Online 1...of u know wt i mean

  2. Ahhh I completely agree with you! Daydreaming is probably the thing I do the most and imagine that I have superpowers haha


    1. Yeah, it helps me get over a lot of stuff