10 moodlifters every girl needs

hey friends,
so if you have read my last blog than u know that I was kinda going through a rough phase. But I cant afford to waste any of my time regretting anything.so I've come up with a couple of stuffs that have helped me get through it.and I cant help but share all these blessings with you.


Most of you might have already had them, but I think its worth mentioning. Just the way they light up by the push of a switch , they turn up your mood too. To me they are the prettiest things in the world. Pink, gold or silver they also beautify your room.

2.New music

Now this too is well known, but while ur low you should listen to something you've never heard before. Because in search for finding the right song u come across a lot of music that keeps your gloomy thoughts away. I personally recommend peppy, upbeat, and pop music.


A chic and sassy romance, or a nerving thriller are the best fictions that instantly transform your thoughts into something interesting.

4.Revamp your space

You can start with sticking motivational printouts on your wall, lighting scented candles, placing fresh flowers or the cute little succulents or just reorganizing ur stuff. Awesome DIYs do not just make ur space lively but ur mood too.

5.Do what you love.

It may be painting, singing, cooking, or anything. Since your low u should do something that keeps you absorbed. And if you're no better than watching Netflix then grab that popcorn bucket and get going.

6.Get inspired.

Yes the most interesting part. So it maybe a chic magazine or lifestyle bloggers or youtube vloggers. Just decide what you like, because there are so many inspirations out there like fasfion, beauty, fitness, science, technology, food etc. and work on it.

7.Social media-a yes!

So you'll obviously follow people and pages related to the things you love, that helps you to stay motivated and reminds u of ur dreams . Because at times you feel its all over. I recommend pinterest, instagram or tumblr for this purpose.

8.Take a solo walk.

I know things get difficult at times and u just wanna sit on ur bed but u wont forget it until you come out. Just take a stroll whenever you feel like and see how it erases your pain.Believe me, it feels so fresh!

9.Pamper yourself.

Okay so this works for me, pampering can get as simple as colouring ur nails , or as extreme as colouring your hair! basically anything that makes you look good. creating a simple hairdo or tryuing out light make up also works(its weird but do try it)

10.Something tasty.

yeah so you don't need reasons to get your favourite burger and fries or the delicious cupcakes and pastries when you are sad. Because nothing turns u on as quick as food does.So grab ur phone and order that pizza and don't forget the extra cheese.

So friends, if u know of any other moodlifters then please share.....



  1. Going out with your friends and talking with them on other topics like gossips... Sounds weird but works

    1. yeah , I almost forgot that ,thanks for mentioning!

    2. Hey you can check out my blog if you want! blogbyperksofbeinglara.blogspot.com

  2. All of these tips are really good- do you mind if I do a similar post? Struggling for blog post ideas at the no, at geekyglassesgirlsite.WordPress. com if any one wants to leave me a comment to boost my self esteem!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog and your style of writing hun!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, www.dominicas.uk xXx

  4. I love fairy lights they are such a mood booster, I also love taking a calm bath with a bath bomb in when I need some me time.